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Hyperpigmentation is the localized darkening of skin caused by an increase in melanin. Commonly known as age spots, liver spots, sun spots, melasma and freckles, hyperpigmentation is harmless and can affect the skin color of people of any race. Various factors such as aging, sun damage, hormone imbalance and skin injury can lead to these noticeably darkened areas.

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Skincare products that are rich in Alpha-Arbutin, Licorice, Bearberry, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Glycolic Acid can be extremely beneficial for brightening the appearance of existing hyperpigmentation. SPF protection can also help prevent the skin darkening caused by UV damage.

To specifically target dark spots, try Skin Lighten. This therapeutic topical helps to even skin tone with active ingredients that inhibit melanin production. For a complete facial skincare routine that helps even out skin tone and discoloration while promoting brighter, younger-looking skin, try Evenly Radiant® or Anti-Wrinkle product lines. 

1. Skin Lighten

2. Evenly Radiant® Line

3. Anti-Wrinkle Line

The best recommendation is listed first with other potential solutions following. Remember, each person is unique and has different skincare needs. Products that work well for one person may not be ideal for others.

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