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Soothing Cleanser with Pycnogenol®

  • 6 fl oz / 175 ml
  • Item # 0696ea
This fragrance-free, sulfate-free, pH balanced liquid cleanser gently lifts away makeup and impurities while reducing redness and irritation.
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Gently lift away makeup and impurities while soothing skin with this fragrance-free, sulfate-free, pH balanced liquid cleanser specially formulated for sensitive skin. Anti-aging antioxidants Pycnogenol® and Green Tea protect skin while you cleanse. Botanical extracts Chamomile and Lemongrass soothe skin, leaving even the most sensitive skin feeling calm, healthy and refreshed. Ideal for those with sensitive skin or rosacea. Also recommended for anyone who is looking for a calming, soothing facial cleanser that leaves skin clean and satiny-smooth. 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten free, GMO-free.

Previously known as Anti-Aging Pycnogenol® Cleanser.

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