Collection: Tea Tree Oil

  • Acne Facial Cleanser

    Gentle on my skin, makes my skin feel soft and cleansed!

    Acne Facial Cleanser

    Remove built-up oil and debris to help unclog pores, promote clear skin and prevent breakouts.


  • Acne Oil-Control Matte Moisturizer

    My acne holy grail. It both treats my acne and keeps my skin moisturized.

    Acne Oil-Control Matte Moisturizer

    Provides essential nutrients to help clear and prevent breakouts, reducing redness and irritation.


  • Acne Treatment Serum for Blemish Control

    Effective without drying skin, absorbs quickly, no stinging.

    Acne Treatment Serum for Blemish Control

    Helps to fight against blackheads, breakouts and cystic acne.


  • Anti-Blemish Clarifying Bi-Phase Toner

    This stuff is gold. It has helped calm my skin and clears up painful breakouts so quickly.

    Anti-Blemish Clarifying Bi-Phase Toner

    Deeply penetrates the skin to help remove excess oils, reduce redness, and balance the skin’s moisture levels after cleansing.


  • Itch Relief Lotion

    Itch Relief Lotion


  • Itch Relief Lotion

    Itch Relief Lotion


  • Nourishing Conditioner

    Nourishing Conditioner



About our products

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of nature’s miracle workers for skin. Also called Melaleuca alternifolia, tea tree is an herb with well-known therapeutic benefits. These same healing type of properties make tea tree oil a valuable asset in personal care products you can use every day to take care of your skin. Learn More

Tea Tree Oil Skin Care

DERMA E understands how tea tree oil can be incorporated into your skin care routine so you can get maximum results. We blend tea tree oil with Vitamin E for superior performance. That’s because tea tree oil, while it has many wonderful qualities, can also be a bit drying on the skin when used on its own. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant and moisturizing agent, so it nicely balances with tea tree oil to keep your skin soft and smooth. DERMA E’s tea tree oil skin care products are formulated to nurture while also working to resolve your skin issues.

About Our Tea Tree Oil Products

Tea tree oil has often been used to fight blemishes because it can help clear pore-clogging skin oils and debris. That’s why we offer a tea tree oil face wash and cream to help skin feel purified. DERMA E’s Acne Deep Pore Cleansing Wash and Acne Rebalancing Cream both feature tea tree oil as part of our signature Anti-Blemish Complex along with willow bark, rosewood, lavender, and chamomile.

If you are suffering from dry, flaky patches, bumps, or rashes caused by dermatitis, you should consider using tea tree oil for your face to help bring some relief. Our Tea Tree and Vitamin E Relief Cream is soothing and helps give your complexion some much-needed moisture to diminish the outward signs of dermatitis. And you should always have our Tea Tree and Vitamin E Oil on hand. Because you can apply it for a wide variety of skin problems, we like to call it a “medicine kit in a bottle.” For anyone who likes to use natural remedies whenever possible, this is simply a must-have product.

Don’t forget that tea tree oil can work wonders from head to toe. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with the flaky fallout from a dry and itchy scalp will be thrilled to see the change that can occur by using tea tree oil for hair. Our tea tree oil shampoo, Scalp Relief, cleans and nourishes your hair without causing irritation thanks to our proprietary Therapeutic Psorzema® Herbal Blend.

When you use DERMA E’s tea tree oil skin care products, you have the assurance of using only the highest quality natural botanicals, vitamins and minerals on your face and body. Tea tree oil works in harmony with these other ingredients to give you beautiful—and healthy-looking—skin.

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