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DERMA E Squad: Meet Rhian


Introducing the DERMA E SQUAD for 2018-2019! We’ve partnered with six amazing, uniquely beautiful creators that were selected for their creativity, authenticity, talent and knowledge. These creators hail from all over the country, representing Michigan, California, Washington and Oregon. The SQUAD is your window to the inside world of beauty, skincare, makeup and more. We’ll be sharing our adventures with the SQUAD to give YOU the latest and greatest, straight from the source. Learn more about one of our Squad members below, and don't forget to meet the rest here!


I’m Rhian, I run a cruelty free and vegan lifestyle channel and I’m originally from the UK, but have lived in Michigan for over 10 years now. I also create content around mental health and wellbeing, and love interacting with and learning from my online friends and subscribers.

I’m skincare-obsessed and love spending time outdoors as well as lazy evenings in with my 3 little dogs.

I thrive on dry humor and La Croix.

What do you love about DERMA E?

I love that DERMA E, quite simply, has affordable products that WORK. As a content creator, it’s so easy to find something to recommend to people from the brand because they have products to suit every skin type and concern. Knowing that everything is vegan and cruelty-free is an obvious bonus for myself, the rest of the cruelty-free community, and the animals!!

What DERMA E product could you not live without?

Definitely the Vitamin E Cream. Living in Michigan, we can get some fairly extreme weather so this cream is such a staple whether I’m using it on skin that’s had too much sun or dry patches from the extreme winters- I use it everywhere: face or body. I will also say its a MUST for anyone with dry feet- LIFE CHANGING!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Probably the ability to understand animals. I always have so much respect for vets since they really can’t communicate with their patients, so maybe I could get hired as an animal interpreter!

What does a perfect day look like to you?

A morning walk with my dogs, then breakfast outdoors followed by the longest shower. For the rest of the day I’d either be relaxing outdoors or exploring new places and trying new restaurants and end my day hanging out with friends around a bonfire.


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