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Finding Your Ideal Eye Cream

These days, it seems impossible to go into a beauty aisle and not become easily overwhelmed trying to find an eye cream that is most suitable for you. It strangely feels reminiscent of choosing a box of cereal from the entire aisle of choices! You start reading the boxes and are bombarded with every possible remedy or problem: “De-Puff/Anti-Wrinkle/Deep Lines/Fine Lines/Dark Circles/Aging/Anti-Aging/Fillers/Redness/Damage/Tired Eyes.” How do you choose just one?! How do you even know what you want?! Well, if you’ve ever left the store empty handed because you just couldn’t decide which eye cream was best suited for your needs, you can breathe a calming sigh of relief. Today, I am going to help you pick your ideal eye cream! applying cream Eye Creams from derma e® derma e® has 5 different eye creams targeting five different eye concerns: dehydrated skin around the eyes, dark under eye circles, puffiness, deep crow’s feet, and damaged skin around the eyes. Some of the formulas are lightweight and perfect to use during the day underneath makeup, while others are rich and more suitable for nighttime use. Each eye cream contains a unique combination of vitamins, antioxidants and herbs, so no matter which you end up choosing, you are guaranteed to see visibly younger, healthier-looking skin around the eyes with continued use. Even if you decide that you’d like to try more than one, I will explain how to use multiple products so that you receive the maximum benefits from each. So, let’s go ahead and get started! Which eye area issue concerns you most? Fine lines from Dry Skin? Your ideal solution: derma e® Hydrating Eye Crème Fine Lines from General Aging?  Your ideal solution: derma e® Age-Defying Eye Crème Deep Wrinkles? Your ideal solution: derma e® Deep Wrinkle Reverse Eye Crème   Puffiness? Your ideal solution: derma e® Soothing Eye Gel Puffy, Dry Skin? Your ideal solution: derma e® Hydrating Eye Crème   Puffy, Red and Irritated? Your ideal solution: derma e® Soothing Eye Gel Under eye circles? Your ideal solution: derma e® Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Crèmeeye More than one issue? Hopefully these questions helped you narrow down to your ideal eye cream! If through this process you discovered you have multiple eye area concerns leading to more than one ideal solution, here are a few suggestions on how to incorporate multiple products into your skin care regimen: • Use one in the morning and the other in the evening • Alternate days of use (i.e., use one on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and the other on Tuesday- Thursday and weekends) Star Ingredients Below, I’ve highlighted some of the key ingredients that make each eye cream specialized to achieve visible results.

eye creme

I hope this blog post has helped you in your quest to find your perfect eye cream! It’s never too late to start taking care of your delicate eye area. And remember, be kind to your eyes and give them love. They let you see the beautiful world around you. Until next time, sending love and gratitude your way! Kate

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