Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care Benefits Explained

Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care Benefits Explained

At DERMA E, we like to call hyaluronic acid “nature’s moisture magnet.” It attracts an incredible amount of water –about 1,000 times its weight, as a matter of fact...

At DERMA E, we like to call hyaluronic acid “nature’s moisture magnet.” It attracts an incredible amount of water –about 1,000 times its weight, as a matter of fact to thirsty skin. A dry, parched complexion, whether it’s caused by normal aging or environmental factors such as cold temperatures, can look lackluster and rough. To get back that gorgeous glow, you need the maximum hydrating power of hyaluronic acid skin care.


The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for Skin


When we are young, our bodies naturally produce hyaluronic acid (also called HA), which gives skin that plumped appearance and youthful glow. Over time, unfortunately, our hyaluronic acid production slows down. The result is skin that feels and looks dry—and when you have dry skin that will emphasize any wrinkles, enlarged pores, or crepiness due to the lack of firmness that you may have. Presto, you automatically look older.


We also need hydration during those cold winter months, and hyaluronic acid can provide a great boost to your skin's natural moisture barrier, which helps to keep the surface of your skin feeling soft and smooth. Hyaluronic acid not only attracts moisture, but also it also binds moisture to the skin’s surface so that it stays intensely moisturized. Without it, skin can get chapped or rough, and sometimes that can feel painful, as anyone who has ever had chapped lips can attest.


Hyaluronic acid can heal those dry, rough patches on your skin and then provide built-in protection against further damage while keeping your complexion supple. As you can see, there are numerous hyaluronic acid uses in skin care.



Because hyaluronic acid has such an amazing reputation as a potent humectant, it has become a popular skin care ingredient where hydration is the goal. It is included in all kinds of cosmetics targeting different types of skin issues and because it is naturally produced by the human body, it is generally good for most skin types. Hyaluronic acid for skin is great for targeting aging concerns; in fact, it pairs wonderfully with skin saviors such as Vitamin C and retinol, enhancing their potency and effectiveness by reducing the side effects they may cause, such as dry, peeling, and irritated skin.


But even if aging skin isn’t one of your current concerns, the moisturizing ability of hyaluronic acid is so beneficial that everyone should include it as part of their skin care regimens. 


There are a lot of ways to get plump, hydrated skin with hyaluronic acid, thanks to DERMA E’s comprehensive collection of hydrating products. Hyaluronic acid is a featured ingredient in

many of our skin care products, working in harmony with vitamins, nutrients, and botanicals that are of the most exceptional quality. Everything from nourishing eye creams to concentrated serums, to toners that prep the skin perfectly for application of your other skin care creams and lotions.  You will notice a difference in the clarity of your complexion because it will be well-moisturized—your skin will look and feel revived.


If your skin tends to be naturally dry, you live in a colder climate, or you just want to stave off the visible signs of aging, you may prefer a product that has a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid. For those situations, DERMA E has created the luxurious Hydrating Collection. This comprehensive skin care line offers a range of products where the key ingredient is hyaluronic acid, guaranteeing your skin will stay hydrated around the clock. You can pick or choose which products you want to use, or try the entire collection for a complexion that feels unbelievably pliable, not rough or inelastic.



Hyaluronic Acid Skin Cream

DERMA E’s richly emollient hyaluronic acid skin creams drench the skin in much-needed moisture. With a silky smooth texture and quick absorption, these creams are ideal for delivering long-lasting hydration to the skin while beautifying the complexion.

Hydrating Day CreamWe offer specific types of creams where hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient. The Hydrating Day Cream is specially formulated to work well under makeup, while the Hydrating Night Cream nurtures skin so it stays moisturized while you sleep—and that means you wake up with a healthy glow to your appearance. Both creams expertly balance your complexion to keep it in optimal condition. DERMA E also offers a Hydrating Eye Cream specifically targeted to the delicate under-eye area. This cream can be a game-changer for anyone with fine lines around the eyes, an area where skin can tend to be dry, making wrinkles look more pronounced. Smooth on the eye cream to zap those lines and visibly reduce their appearance. Our hyaluronic acid skin creams are designed to support your complexion with moisture on a daily basis.

Hyaluronic Acid Uses in Skin Care

Your morning routine can consist of the Hydrating Cleanser, Ultra-Hydrating Serum, and Day Cream, which gives you moisture that lasts through the

busiest of days. If you work in an office with low humidity or a region where it is often cold, take the Hydrating Mist with you in case you need an extra spritz during the day. At night, wipe away the dirt and debris of the day with the Hydrating Micellar Cleansing Facial Wipes, and swap the day cream for the richly emollient Hydrating Night Cream.

There are also specialized products containing hyaluronic acid, such as the Hydrating Eye Cream, which you can include in your personal care routine as needed. All of these products are designed to be gentle on your skin so they don’t strip moisture away, but at the same time they are still highly effective. And don’t limit product usage to your face—your hands and neck can also get dry and show the telltale effects of aging, so make sure to apply products to those areas as well. You will feel an incredible softness to your skin because it is being both nurtured and nourished.

You shouldn’t have to live without hyaluronic acid in your daily skin care—and thanks to DERMA E’s products, you don’t have to.