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Why do you want to win a jar of Psorzema Creme?

Here at derma e Skincare, we’re always amazed at the reasons people can benefit from the derma e Psorzema Crème. We know it is ideal for the brutal winter weather. We asked people why they need it (and why they want to win a free jar); here are a few responses… “I'd love to win the Psorzema Creme because I have tried everything and every new product to help with my psoriasis and nothing works.  And I would love to say your product is the only one thathelped. “ Sheila L “I'd love to win the Psorzema Creme because it's an awesome product that helps me control my psoriasis. It also helps when my 9 year old son has flare ups.” Glenda S “Psorzema Creme because I have eczema and I got a free sample a while ago and it really helped.” Brenda C “I'd like to win the Psorzema Creme. I clean houses for a living, and other lotions just aren't enough to keep up with that and winter. My hands are a mess!” Betsy P “I'd love to win the Psorzema cream because my skin texture and color  never did completely recover from having psoriasis all over my body.” Alana S “Psorzema that's what I used for my psoriasis it really helps me.” Alina L8700 No Prescription Needed

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  • Prozema helps to calm my skin down and stop the redness and works so much better than prescription creams. I take a blood pressure medication that makes me more sensifi e to the sun and burn easier. Prozema helps to keep this under control. I was purchasing it the military commissary, but I haven’t seen it in there so I will be ordering it again. I love how it works so quickly to stop the itching and control the redness. Thank you for making a fabulous product reasonably priced and so effective.

    Jackie Sweetwood on

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