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A Los Angeles Summer

Skin Care
Summer is approaching in LA and with the heat comes the extra need for A/C, frequent pool parties and gallons of iced tea garnished with cute little umbrellas!

Couple at Beach After (barely) surviving the first 100° day of the season, I stood in my bathroom that night looking at my skincare products trying to decide what I wanted to apply. My skin was hot, flushed, oily and felt like it needed a serious detox!

I reached for my derma e® Vitalizing Cleanser, Refining Toner, Microdermabrasion Scrub, Hydrating Mist and Soothing Oil-Free Moisturizer and Eye Gel. The Vitalizing Cleanser is packed with many beneficial antioxidants (Pomegranate, Tamanu, Vitamins A, C and E, Green Tea and Acai) and I knew it would be the first necessary step to remove all the oil and pollutants my skin accumulated from the day. The Glycolic Acid in the Refining Toner helped remove any remaining impurities while the Witch Hazel ensured that my skin was extra clean and felt detoxified. Taking a scoop of the Microdermabrasion Scrub, I buffed this extra-fine exfoliant across my skin for about two minutes. Post rinse, my face felt instantly rejuvenated and 10x softer. After spritzing the Hydrating Mist across my skin, I walked over to my fridge and pulled out the calming Soothing Oil-Free Moisturizer. This product not only soothes visible redness and blotchiness, it also de-puffs, cools on contact (from keeping it in the fridge) and fights multiple signs of aging. The Soothing Eye Gel, which I also keep in the fridge, helps visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and controls puffiness around the eyes. derma e products After this mini pampering facial, I felt so much more relaxed and ready to fall asleep underneath the fan in my bedroom! I really relish my “me” time in the evenings and after that night, my skin felt healthy, enriched and revitalized. Keep cool and until next time, stay radiant! ~Kate To learn more about derma e®, visit

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