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Smog Skin; yes, it’s a thing

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Growing up in Los Angeles, I know a thing or two about smog and pollution, particularly from car exhaust. In fact, Los Angeles has the world’s largest automotive population, with more than 26 million cars on the road. Whether or not you live in LA, you are bound to bombard your skin at some point in time with the not-so-nice effects of smog and pollution. 3196398550_47fc9f9990_z What is “smog”? First coined in London during the early 1900's, the term "smog" was first used to describe a combination of smoke and fog. Today however, what we refer to as smog is mostly ground-level ozone. Unlike the stratospheric ozone layer, which blocks out UVC rays and protects human beings, this type of ozone is responsible for the choking, coughing, wheezing and stinging eyes associated with smog. Who are the villains and heroes in this story? Apart from allergies and asthma, smog hinders our health in other ways, most notably, by damaging our vulnerable skin slowly over time. Smog can be laden with free-radicals – the villains in our environmental fairytale that seek out and damage skin cells. But don’t fret! Free-radicals are no match to the heroes of our fairytale – super-powered antioxidants! Heroes always conquer all, and so do antioxidants! They can fight the destructive power of free-radicals, and who wouldn’t want to kick some serious free-radical booty?! Apart from “wearing” your antioxidants via your skincare products, another easy way to help prevent free-radicals from doing their damage is by eating antioxidants. “Eat the rainbow,” as they say! Consuming foods rich in all the colors of the rainbow ensures you are giving your body what it needs to fight free-radicals from the inside out. But sometimes the inside-out path is not enough. Just like the hero sometimes needs the help of an army to win the war, sometimes you need to bring in reinforcements to help defend your skin, and that’s where high-potency antioxidant skincare comes into play! Antioxidant-rich skincare is your savior! Luckily for you, because you are reading this, you can start protecting your skin, right here, right now!  The quickest and fastest way is by applying your heroic antioxidants topically. derma e® is a skincare company known for using high-potency antioxidants in their formulations. And we don’t just put antioxidants in our most exclusive products – antioxidants are formulated into EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT we make. Not only that, derma e® uses a full-spectrum of antioxidants, sourced from all over the world, to ensure your skin is being protected using the highest quality natural ingredients. derma e® lets you ‘apply the rainbow’! The derma e® Vitalizing collection can be thought of as your everyday, antioxidant essentials line. Pomegranate and Tamanu are exceptional sources of antioxidants, helping to shelter skin from UV damage and toxic smog, while Green Tea, CoQ10 and Vitamins A, C and E further aid in protecting the skin from environmental pollution. Suitable for all skin-types, this line of products will also help prevent premature signs of aging and soften the look of existing fine lines and wrinkles. To learn more about this collection, click here. The derma e® Age-Defying collection is considered the “super-antioxidant” regimen for visibly reducing past environmental damage and shielding the skin from future damage. Formulated with one of the world’s most potent antioxidants, Astaxanthin can halt free-radical damage quicker than Prince Charming can rescue a Princess. At 500x the strength of Vitamin E, its ability to prevent and reverse UV-induced damage goes unrivaled. Pycnogenol®, the impossible-to-remember-how-to-pronounce-it word (pronounced, pic-noj-en-all), also boasts amazing antioxidant capabilities. At 50x the strength of Vitamin E and 20x the strength of Vitamin C, this French maritime pine bark extract is most known for its ability to reduce redness and irritation. It also has the ability to support the tiny, fragile blood vessels and capillaries that feed the face. Suitable for more mature or damaged skin-types, the Age-Defying line will safely guard your skin with some of the most potent antioxidants available in skincare. To learn more about this collection, click here. derma e productsSo to win the war against those treacherous smog villains, fight hard and don’t back down! Let those free-radicals meet their maker with the power of antioxidant-rich skincare! It feels great to be the Hero in your own skincare crusade, and it’s super easy. All you need is a little T-L-C, and some derma e® Take care everyone. Until next time… Kate

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