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What Are The Best Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin? derma e Soothing with Pycnogenol - A Blog Post

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We're always thrilled to hear a great review, today we're sharing Joanna's thoughts from The Bragging Mommy Blog. In this review she shares her opinions on the derma e® Natural Skincare Soothing line for sensitive skin with Pycnogenol™.
I love each one! I have some redness issues around my nose, and I definitely noticed a difference when I started using the redness reducing serum. The cleanser was great, and made my skin feel clean and refreshed. I really enjoyed the soothing moisturizing creme. I used it at night as a moisturizer before bed, and it really was fantastic and felt great on my skin. And I feel better knowing I’m taking really good care of my skin every day with these awesome products! Thanks, derma e! What natural ingredient is great for sensitive skincare? Pycnogenol. Why? Pycnogenol® also helps stabilize the capillary system and increase skin’s resistance to irritation making it an ideal ingredient for those who have red, easily irritated, sensitive skin or who suffer from the symptoms of rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions. Additionally, Pycnogenol® works to improve circulation, therefore helping to reduce puffiness or swelling. So if you have sensitive skin and want to know that the best natural moisturizer is for redness and rosacea, check out the derma e Natural Skincare Soothing Line for sensitive skin featuring the super antioxidant Pycnogenol.

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