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More Firm + More Lift

DERMA E’s Firm + Lift line just got a “face lift”.

Our top selling line with firming DMAE is newly reformulated with added
Copper Peptides, Resveratrol, and antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum. These enhanced, clean beauty solutions have even more firming, lifting and toning power!

Clinically Proven


100% improved skin tone elasticity*

97% improved skin firmness*

97% improved skin tone appearance*

*Based on efficacy results from independent 6-week clinical studies on the Firm + Lift Line.


Clean Effective Anti-crepe Duo to the Rescue

Dry, crepey skin is visibly renewed with our new dermatologist recommended
Crepey Skin Pre-Treatment Exfoliating Scrub and the Crepey Skin Repair Treatment.
Skin is firmed, leaving it visibly smooth and soft.

How it works?

Resveratrol, a natural antioxidant found in grape skin, berries and dark chocolate, is a key ingredient in skin care to help fight signs of aging.

Copper or Copper Peptides, known as a
“facelift in a bottle,” helps skin stay firm, supple over time.

DMAE, nature’s firming agent, helps skin to appear visibly smoother and lifted Antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum, rich in
Vitamins C, E and Folic Acid, aids in fighting free radical damage

Anti Crepe Complex targets the effects of crepey skin due to: Aging, Extreme weight loss, Lack of moisture, UV damage

Key Ingredients

Copper Peptides increase skin's firmness and suppleness over time

Resveratrol protects against daily skin aggressors and brightens dull-looking skin

DMAE helps to tighten, tone and firm the skin

Kakadu Plum improves skin texture and elasticity

Plant Stem Cells helps to support collagen health

Anti-Crepe Complex of Fruit Extracts strengthens and supports collagen health

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