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Introducing the DERMA E SQUAD for 2017-2018! We’ve partnered with five amazing, uniquely beautiful creators that were selected for their creativity, authenticity, talent and knowledge. The SQUAD is your window to the inside world of beauty, skincare, makeup, body positivity and more. We’ll be sharing our adventures with the SQUAD to give YOU the latest and greatest, straight from the source.

Sherita Rankins

I’m Sherita, the creator & editor-in-chief of, a lifestyle site featuring food, fashion, personal finance and travel. The site is an extension of my life and passions. I’m a style expert and have been a professional model for over 15 years. I am an avid foodie and also the former host of healthy ideas cooking segments for stop and shop/giant grocery stores. I studied finance and international business at Loyola University Chicago and was director of finance of a non-profit for 8 years.

As a commercial actress and host, I have been featured in spots for Lancôme, Chevrolet, and Mary Kay, to name a few. I lived in New York for 11 years before recently relocating to Los Angeles. I enjoy exploring the city, trying new restaurants, and traveling to exotic destinations.

Instagram @sheritajanielle Twitter @sheritajanielle YouTube Sherita Rankins Website Visit My Blog

Yesenia Hipolito

I'm Yes (Yesenia) Hipolito, a 25-year-old Cali girl, born and raised! I'm a beauty and fashion loving on-air personality! I like long walks down the makeup aisle and am obsessed with dogs!

Although I've loved all things beauty and fashion since I was a little girl, my official journey into the beauty world started right after high school. I went to cosmetology school and got licensed. Years later, I decided to start my fashion blog in hopes to share my different styles, since I didn’t just have one. I eventually started a YouTube channel, which then led me to start an Instagram.

It’s been such a fun adventure and I can’t wait to continue sharing my passion with you! I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams!

Instagram @yeshipolito Twitter @yeshipolito Website Visit My Blog

Jaqueline Codish

I'm a self-taught makeup artist and skin care enthusiast! Skin care is a great passion of mine and I love to showcase that taking care of your skin isn't a chore! You can have fun while doing your routine and still get the results you want. I truly believe that the better prepped your skin is, the better your makeup will look and apply.

I personally have extremely sensitive skin and love that the DERMA E products don't irritate my skin and work great when paired with my makeup. I'm really open with my followers about my skin care struggles/concerns and what I do to fix them. I love to talk to them individually to figure out what they can do, as well as help with their concerns so they can feel amazing and confident in their own skin--with or without makeup!

Facebook /makeupjackyluvv Instagram @makeupjackyluvv Twitter @makeupjackyluvv

Manon Edwards

I moved to Los Angeles from Marseille, south of France, two years ago. After being invited to be a model for a plus size denim brand, I decided to stay in the US to live my American dream by working and developing my image on social media. I wanted to prove to any woman who wants to be successful that everything is possible with motivation and determination.

By blogging about my experiences and passions, I maintain a close relationship with my friends and followers. With encouragement from my friends and fans, I want everyone to know that no matter your size, your body shape, or your own insecurities, you can absolutely achieve anything you want. Your differences are what make you valuable and strong! By being confident, proud of who you truly are, you will be able to make yourself strong enough to build your own happiness.

Grateful for an amazing group of fans, I make sure that every new follower is welcomed in a way that has been very rare into the blogging industry: with authenticity and sincerity.

Facebook /manonchicwithcurves Instagram @chicwithcurves Twitter @ChicWithCurves WebsiteVisit My Blog

Cicily Boone

Hi, I'm Cicily Boone, a 20-year old college student living in sunny Los Angeles! I started my YouTube channel when I was a sophomore in high school back in my hometown of Austin, TX. My channel was originally just focused on beauty and makeup tutorials, because I struggled with pretty bad acne when I was younger, and makeup really gave me an extra boost of confidence! Since then, my channel has grown as I've gotten older and now I post content about all sorts of my favorite lifestyle, beauty, and fashion topics.

Besides YouTube, I also enjoy photography and discovering new coffee shops and cafes with my friends around LA. I am such an advocate for holistic healing and natural skincare! It's the only thing that doesn't break me out AND it's good for the animals and our environment. I also just graduated this past June from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with an Associate’s degree in Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing and am currently working towards my Bachelor's degree. During the day you'll probably find me curling up next to my two little kitties Cleo and Finn, they are my life! I love making friends, trying new things, and going to new places! I've always looked at life as an adventure that I can't wait to take on.

 /cicily.boone  @cicilyboone  @cicilyboone  /beautymiss33

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