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Skin Revivified Sampler
Skin Revivified Sampler
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Skin Revivified Sampler

2.0 oz
Item: DAK1

This Skin Revivified Sampler is perfect for exfoliating away micropollutants and helps revive the skin.


Small Cosmetic BagKeep your smaller items and products protected with our 100% cotton, 100% vegan, cruelty-free compact DERMA E designed cosmetic bag.

Advanced Collagen & Peptide Serum DeluxeAdvanced Peptides and Collagen Serum also help support the skin’s need for moisture with Vitamin E and highly effective antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Green Tea provide comprehensive anti-aging benefits. With ingredients that are thought to support collagen health, this is the best collagen and peptide serum that is designed to promote healthy, youthful-looking skin that glows. 

Overnight PeelThe strength of our powerfully acting peel is in the skin-brightening, a non-abrasive blend of 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). This potent AHA peel acts as an overnight exfoliator, sloughing away the dead skin cells that can dull the skin and hide its natural brightness. This is an alpha hydroxy acid peel that is extremely effective, yet it doesn’t take a harsh toll on the skin. Dead skin cells are safely and gently removed so there’s no redness, only radiance.

Single-Use Mask - Firming Clay Mask (2) -This exfoliating clay mask provides a cooling sensation while widely-acclaimed DMAE helps the skin appear visibly firmer, lifted, and smooth.

Earth Pin - Earth design with a safety pin backing. 

Benefit: Exfoliates away micropollutants for purely glowing skin

Please note that currently we ship only within USA.