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Hair Care

Just as the right skin care products can give you a glowing, healthy complexion, the right hair care products can give you a lustrous, healthy head of hair. At DERMA E, we use the same types of advanced formulations and highly effective natural ingredients that are found in our skin care lines to develop products that nourish and nurture your hair and scalp. Our products are designed to keep your hair in the best possible condition—creating shine, boosting volume and softening and strengthening locks. Your scalp will also be in great shape, free of the flaking and buildup that can dull your hair and keep it from looking its absolute best. Building a hair care regimen with DERMA E products is terrific for the planet as well as your hair because you are ensured of DERMA E’s unparalleled commitment to its high standards for eco-ethical personal care. Shop our collection of hair care products to find the ones that are right for you. Learn More


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