Can Vitamin C Brighten My Skin?

Vitamin C is often used in skin care for its anti-aging, brightening, toning, and fading properties. Many people wonder, how does Vitamin C actually brighten skin? When it comes to brightening skin, Vitamin C can help to brighten dark spots, repair damage from sun exposure and even out the skin tone. Vitamin C can also help repair sun damaged skin. Many of our Dermatologist recommended clean beauty solutions in our clinically proven Vitamin C line, contain 5% stabilized Vitamin C which is a highly potent form of Vitamin C that is less likely to degrade than un-stabilized Vitamin C, making it even more potent when it comes to brightening the skin tone, and fading dark spots. To brighten skin with DERMA E, follow these steps!

Step 1: If you’re removing makeup or simply want to be sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed, start with our Vitamin C Brightening Glow Micellar Wipes. Our 100% biodegradable, pre-moistened facial wipes, gently remove dirt, oil and makeup, giving skin an illuminating glow.

Step 2: Cleanse the skin with our Vitamin C Gentle Daily Cleanser with Golden Turmeric and Ancient Rice. This multi-use cleanser also acts as a facial mask and gentle exfoliant.

Cleanser - Gently lather over dampened face and neck, then rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry. Use in the morning and evening. Gentle enough for daily use.

Mask – For more intense results, apply generously to face, hands and other skin areas, avoiding eye and lip area.

Leave on for 3-5 minutes or until dry.

Moisten fingertips, then massage to activate exfoliants.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

Step 3: In an upward motion, apply our clinically proven Vitamin C Concentrated Serum with Hyaluronic Acid to your face and neck area. Our stabilized Vitamin C infused serum intensely moisturizes while guarding skin against environmental stressors.

Step 4: In the mornings, apply our clinically proven Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer with Rooibos and Probiotics to your face and neck area. This lightweight day moisturizer supports collagen health while protecting skin. In the evenings, apply our clinically proven Vitamin C Intense Night Cream. The skin-balancing Probiotics and antioxidant-rich Rooibos infused night cream provides rich moisture while renewing the tone and texture of your skin while you sleep.

Clinical results confirm: 82% Improved in skin radiance / brightness*

Notes: *Based on results from independent 6-week clinical studies on the Vitamin C line that included the Vitamin C Daily Brightening Cleanser, Vitamin C Concentrated Serum, Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer, and Vitamin C Intense Night Cream.