Windmill power generators in grass field with blue sky.

Positive Energy

2017 marks the tenth year DERMA E has been manufacturing with wind power, reducing our environmental footprint by offsetting 100% of conventional electricity use with wind energy certificates. This renewable energy purchase supports DERMA E in our continuing effort to completely offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

We purchase Renewable Energy Certificates from Sterling Planet Inc. These certificates help Sterling Planet build a market for renewable electricity, increase energy diversity and security, reduce dependence on foreign energy sources, support domestic economies and create US jobs.

Reduce Clutter

We are passionate about sustainable lifestyles. With the exception of our 100% biodegradable facial wipes and foil packs, all of our packaging components are recyclable. No unnecessary foil, no shiny silver caps, no fancy frills or added decoration that just build up landfills and take decades to decompose. We use only safe and renewable resources to promote a healthier ecological future.

Derma E Skinbiotics Treatment Cream carton on table.
Ariel shot of coral reef in blue water.

Reef safe

Today, nearly 67% of Australia’s coral reefs have died (Christian Science Monitor, Nov 2016). There are a growing number concerns surrounding chemical sunscreens washing off into the ocean, potentially causing harm to our coral reef ecosystems. We are proud to say we formulate our Natural Mineral Sunscreens with ingredients identified as safe for coral reef ecosystems and you! We use nano-particle-free, chemical-free broad spectrum Zinc Oxide, tested and proven to be a superior natural sunscreen ingredient and is reef safe, helping to protect your skin and save these precious ecosystems for future generations.

Better Ingredients for a Better Tomorrow

Beneficial and healthy ingredients are a direct result from nutritious, thriving soil. Our ingredients are non-GMO to help support the sustainability of healthy crop soil around the world. When or if we use fragrances in our products, we use natural fragrances that are not contaminating to earth’s waters and do not contribute to air pollution.

Hands in soil making heart shape.

Our Products Savor the Goodness:


Cruelty-Free – For over 30 years we have never tested on animals.

Flowers in bowl.

100% Vegan – Products do not contain any animal by-products.

Bread and grains.

Gluten-Free – We cater to those with a topical gluten allergy.

Soy Beans in bowl with milk in carafe.

Soy Free – All of our products are safe for those with an aversion to soy.

Field of wheat with hand running over it.

Non-GMO – Controversial in studies, we avoid GMOs in our formulas, full stop.

Symbolizing Our Commitments

On every product package we proudly showcase symbols emphasizing our dedication to wholesome ingredients and ethical business practices, to remind you that our skin care is not only beneficial for you but also for the overall well-being of our world. We like to call them our reasons to believe.

Environmentally Friendly Symbols - Cruelty Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Recyclable, Wind Energy.