Guide to Register as our Affiliate

A Quick Guide To Join DERMA E Affiliate Program

DERMA E is set up with the Rakuten Affiliate Network.

BEFORE you begin:
Are you already registered as a Publisher with Rakuten Affiliate Network? If "Yes" follow the steps below starting from number 3) if your answer is "No' follow all steps below.

1) Go to Rakuten website CLICK HERE

2) Follow the steps of registration at Rakuten. If you need help filling out registration form, they have a step by step handy guide. CLICK HERE

3) Once you are set up as a Publisher in Rakuten, Login into your account and use the Advertiser Search box on the top right to find DERMA E. 

4) To apply to DERMA E's program, select the radio button next to the offer you want to join and click Update at the bottom of the page.

5) Approval can take a couple of days. Once you have been approved into our program, you’ll be able to access our various affiliate links to use on your website.

6) To use our pre-generated links, login on Rakuten website, then click on "Programs" - "My Advertisers"

7) You should see DERMA E listed on left hand side. You will see a "View Links" under DERMA E. Click on it to see types of links offered. It could be Text or Banner Links.

8) Once you've found the link type (such as text link),click on the number under # of Available Links. 

9) This will generate a list of links to choose from in that category. From the list, select the link you wish to use and click Get Link at the far right of the page.

9) From there, you'll see a pop-up with the HTML code with your tracking code included so you can copy and paste it onto your website.

10) Paste the code on your website and start earning money !!

11) If you use instagram or other social media where you cannot use a long link, follow these steps below to shorten your URL:


Look at the code you got from step 9 above. It should look something like this:
<a href="" >25% OFF Sitewide PLUS Free Gift Valued at $15 or more when you spend $25. Use code 25OFFHOLI FROM DEC 22, 12:00 AM PST to DEC 26th 11:00 AM PST</a><IMG border=0 width=1 height=1 src="" >

Select and copy the part that is in RED above from your own code. This will be your tracking URL. Please note to NOT copy the quotes in the beginning or end of the code.

Go to  and paste your URL. Click Shorten URL and you will get a URL like this ""  You can now use this URL on your Social Media.

If you have further questions, drop us a line at