Tips to Recycle Your Derma E and other Beauty Products

hands holding a small earth with hands over dirt

At DERMA E, we don’t use unnecessary shiny metal caps and we skip the fancy frills in our packaging to uphold our promise to have a minimal environmental footprint. We attempt to only utilize safe and renewable resources and we are constantly researching new ways to be even more environmentally friendly as we continue to grow as a company. If you’ve been looking for ways to support our environment and recycle your beauty care products, we have a few helpful tips for you!


Reduce plastic usage

    The old adage - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, is a great way to stay on track when it comes to being mindful of your environmental footprint in your day to day life. By reducing, you use products you already have and only buy what you need. Reusing or upcycling is finding new and creative ways to reuse product containers once the product runs out and finally, once you have reduced your plastic usage and upcycled your current containers until you can no longer use them, you recycle those products. 


      One great way to recycle at home is by upcycling. Upcycling is reusing product containers once that product runs out. We make products with screw caps so you can easily reuse them. You can reuse pump containers for bath soaps or hand soaps and serum containers are great for oils. These are also good options for traveling. Serum, as well as pump containers, are great to reuse and simple to refill. 

      Shop for recyclable products

        To stay as environmentally friendly as possible, be sure to read labels to make sure that the item you’re purchasing is recyclable. At DERMA E we are always transparent and have recyclable logos on all of our products that can be recycled so our customers never have to question what is and isn’t recyclable of ours. Be mindful, sometimes labels can be misleading. A product can be in a plastic container that is recyclable but have a shiny metal cap or metal packaging which can not be recycled. Sometimes things can get tricky when it comes to packaging. Containers can often be made from two separate plastics where the outer layer may be recyclable but the inner layer is not. At DERMA E we never do this and are always 100% transparent when it comes to our packaging. If you are ever unsure about product packaging, reach out to our customer service department to ask questions. 

        trash cans including regular and recycle

        Don’t put nonrecyclables in recycling bins

          We get it, sometimes things can get hectic and you might accidentally throw your trash into your recycling can. Unfortunately, when this is done, sometimes even the recyclable items get trashed. So be mindful to put only recyclable items into your recycling bin. 

          Get the family involved

            It is important to teach your children early on about recycling and the many benefits to the environment as a result. By teaching your children about recycling you empower them to make better daily decisions that ultimately will help the environment in which we live. Make a game out of it and show them the many ways they can upcycle products as well as recycle them.