The enemies of hydration what to avoid if you have dry skin

If you suffer with dry skin, then you know that finding the right products, and avoiding anything that causes your skin to become dry is crucial in maintaining healthy, hydrated skin. Obtaining hydrated, well-nourished skin goes beyond the moisturizers and hydrators that you put on your skin. The best, healthiest looking skin starts with your daily habits. What you consume, water intake, and the ingredients you use on your skin all play a part in how hydrated or dry your skin will be. If you have been struggling with knowing how to keep your dry skin hydrated, keep reading! 



While a glass of your favorite wine or cocktail every now and then won’t completely dry out your skin, drinking alcohol should be avoided as much as possible. Alcohol can dilate the pores of the skin, cause inflamed skin and dehydrated skin. If you want to have a drink or two without causing as much alcohol damage to your skin, be sure to drink water while you drink. If you have a glass of your favorite wine, follow up with a glass of water immediately after. Water should be the last thing that you drink at night in order to offset some of the damage that drinking alcohol can cause.  In general, drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol will keep skin looking hydrated and healthy. 


Drying ingredients  

Sulfates, alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, and some fragrances can dry out skin along with some forms of Salicylic Acid. Sulfates should be avoided if you have highly dry skin, as they can deeply dry out skin. To determine if your products contain any of these ingredients, look on the back of the label for the ingredient listing and always check the ingredients before purchasing new products. While some ingredients like Salicylic Acid can be helpful when it comes to acne breakouts, they can also be drying. If you have dry skin but also acne, look for acne products that also have hydrating ingredients. 


Daily habits  

Daily habits like showering with hot water or washing your face with hot water can cause skin to be dry, especially in the winter months. Instead of cleansing with very hot water, opt for water that is lukewarm or warm and always follow-up with a moisturizer immediately after cleansing.  


Ingredients to look for 

When it comes to dry, sensitive skin, certain ingredients are considered holy grail ingredients for keeping skin hydrated, nourished, and moisturized. Not only are these ingredients great for hydration, but they also typically work well with sensitive skin. The first ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid, also known as nature’s moisture magnet, works to draw moisture to the skin while helping to provide the skin with essential hydration, working to help keep skin healthy, plump, and younger-looking. Another highly effective hydrating ingredient is Alkaline water. Alkaline water helps to hydrate, moisturize, and support the skin's natural pH balance. Our Hydrating Collection is infused with highly effective hydrating ingredients to keep skin well moisturized and nourished. Coconut Water is another potent hydrating ingredient that works to keep the skin well moisturized.  For essential hydration during the day, our Hydrating Day Cream with Hyaluronic Acid intensely moisturizes and quenches thirsty skin throughout the day. If you are looking for hydration around the eyes, our Ultra Hydrating Alkaline Water Eye Gel with Hyaluronic Acid and Alkaline Water instantly helps to hydrate and balance moisture while soothing and de-puffing eyes.