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3 Ways to Shrink Stretch Marks


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Has summer fashion left you feeling self-conscious about your stretch marks?  Not for long.  With these 3 simple tips, see stretch marks fade away, naturally.

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1.)    Stay Hydrated Drink plenty of water every day. To make it easy, carry a water bottle with you at all times, try iced herbal teas and eat fruits and vegetables that have a high water content like watermelon and cucumber.   Hydrating from the inside out will help keep skin more supple, elastic and less likely to tear. 2.)    Dry Brush Skin   This age-old technique never fails. Using a dry skin brush daily can help slough away dead skin cells, encourage healthy cell renewal and promote healthy circulation, all helping stretch marked skin recover. If you’re not familiar with this technique, learn how here. 3.)    Treat Skin Apply our NEW Stretch Mark Crème two to three times daily. This doctor-developed intensive treatment formula is proven to visibly diminish the look of stretch marks, improving their texture, color and overall appearance. What more could you ask for? Check it out here. Enjoy summer with more supple, smoother, flawless skin.

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  • Definitely these tips will be helpful for those who are looking to get rid of stretch marks. Thanks.

    Juvia Med Spa on

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