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Today at DERMA E we want to send a special thank you to the real life superheroes of the world.  The people who woke us up for school every day, made our lunches, took us to soccer, gymnastics or baseball practice. The people who warned us about getting a dog in college and then took care of said dog when we couldn’t (shout out Mom), and loved us more than we could ever imagine.

That’s right; we are thanking the Moms of the world. (And I capitalize that Mom because they deserve it.)

With Mother’s Day right around the corner (*cough* May 14th *cough*), it is extremely important to remind your marvelous, and I assume beautiful, mother how much you appreciate her.  But we don’t want to give our Moms any old gift! We want to give her something that she will love, something that represents how much we APPRECIATE her.

Finding a gift like that can be hard, so we did some research to make your life a little bit easier:

Healing Stone Mugs – These are the most adorable hand-thrown mugs (I took a ceramics class in college, much harder than it seems).There are four different colors and they are each made from different healing materials. The Blue Mug is made of Clear Quartz which is considered to be a jack of all trades kind of healing material. The Red Mug is the Tiger/Cat Eye and it aids in focusing the mind and meditation. The Purple Mug is Rose Quartz; it is the unconditional love stone. Lastly, the Dark Brown Mug is Citrine, which is the stone of regenerating. Let this mug help raise self-confidence and prosperity.

Family Cook Book – For the mom that loves to cook and wants to (hopefully) share those recipes with you! This completely customizable cook book has blank pages for family recipes, a photo gallery, and a place for family members to review the meals!

DERMA E Skincare – Spoil your mom by getting her some amazing all natural skin care products! Some of my mom’s favorites include:

  • Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Body Lotion – This relaxing and therapeutic lotion was Doctor-developed with a healthy dose of full-spectrum, naturally-sourced Vitamin E. This silky-smooth healing lotion instantly delivers superior antioxidant, moisturizing and nourishing benefits.
  • 2-in-1 Purifying Charcoal Mask – This mask is heavenly! Your mom will feel like she is at her own personal spa when she has this on. Our Charcoal Mask acts like a magnet that pulls out dirt, impurities, and free radicals! It is infused with Natural clays and Apricot Seed Extract to help gently exfoliate.
  • Firming DMAE Moisturizer – Now we know your mom is already gorgeous, but this lotion can help her stay that way forever! This replenishing formula leaves skin thoroughly hydrated, nourished and firmer-looking. Rich in moisture and nutrients, this nourishing cream contains ingredients shown to help addressing loss of elasticity.

From all of us here at Derma E,

Happy Mother’s Day and stay beautiful!

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