Embrace your natural skin and get effortless glowing skin for the summer 

 What is “Skinimalism”? A term coined to describe a sort of effortless, minimal, natural everyday beauty look. It is a relatively newfound term with the beauty industry’s classic objective of attaining “perfect skin.” Skinimalism is where skin care and make up unite. Natural, clear, healthy, dewy, vibrant skin, with a complexion that’ll make people ask, “What is your skin care routine??,” now that’s summer goals! And it’s absolutely attainable, so let’s talk about how to achieve it. 

Step 1:  Healthy Foundations 

Your skin is beautiful, and having insecurities is completely natural. If you are someone who has skin insecurities like acne, fine lines, enlarged pores, dry patches, texture etc. then you should first start by treating them. Serums are a lightweight way to add hydration to the skin whilst treating problem areas. DERMA E has serums for many of the problems you may have from AcneAgingDrynessFine LinesRedness, and Texture.   

Step 2: Moisturizing 

Moisturizing is vital in every skin care routine, but especially for the skinimalism look. Moisturizers help prep the skin and give a natural, dewy, glass-skin finish. We recommend the Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer to help brighten and nourish the skin for the rest of your routine.  

Step 3: Light Coverage 

The goal here is to enhance what you have already got with make-up and skin care products rather than completely cover it up. Start off by using a concealer to blur any blemishes you would like to cover and let that dry. After, use a shade of one of our nourishing BB creams (that best matches you) for the rest of the face or just places you’d like to brighten.  Then add a bit of blush or bronzer, to add some depth and color! (optional) 

Step 4: Set & Glow 

Set your bb cream and concealer with a setting powder or Mineral Powder with SPF 30 for a little extra sun protection. To finish setting, spray with Hydrating Facial Mist or an Ultra Sheer Sunscreen Mist. 

Would you try the “Skinimalism” look?