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The Best Ways to Upcycle Your Empties



In partnership with Keep America Beautiful, DERMA E is excited to participate in America Recycles Day on November 15, 2017! America Recycles Day is a fun way to do your part in making sure that we are all doing our best to preserve and improve our environment at work, at home, at school, or just out in public. Take the pledge and visit Keep America Beautiful. Don’t forget to show off your empties, upcycling ideas, and more by tagging your photos on Instagram with #BeRecycled.

 Did you know? In addition to using safe and renewable resources to promote a healthier ecological future, DERMA E uses recyclable and biodegradable containers and packaging.

 Before you reuse our packaging, be sure to clean them out thoroughly. First, carefully peel off the label. Then rinse out any leftover product, hand wash with soap and water, and lay it out overnight to dry.

 Here are some ways to upcycle your empty containers:


  • Our jars are good for your workspace; they have a screw-top lid, keeping paper clips, rubber bands, and tacks from ending up all over the floor.
  • They can also be used to store small craft supplies, like buttons, string, glitter, etc.
  • For hair and beauty styling: store hair ties, clips, and bobby pins in their own jars.


  • Keep your jewelry from getting lost by storing them in one of our screw-top jars.
  • Our glass dropper bottles come in handy when you are traveling and need something small to put alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or bug spray in.
  • Bringing your contact solution on vacation has never been easier! Pour some into a little dropper bottle and you’re good to go.
  • Some of our jars are travel-friendly. You can use them to bring small amounts of hair or body care products, and other non-TSA friendly items with you.

Other Ideas:

  • Personalize containers with stickers, washi tape, permanent markers, or glitter nail polish.
  • Use jars for gifts. You can decorate them and make them into cute little keepsake containers.
  • Those heavy kitchen seasonings can be stored in the dropper bottles for a simpler way to measure amounts and season food.
  • Cleanser bottles with pumps are awesome for making watercolor paint for kids. It makes it easy to dispense and use.

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  • Love this company!! You’re doing everything possible to get green, and it’s wonderful!! It’s good for business too.

    Michele Chauvette on
  • Great ideas! I use the larger plastic containers from left over lotion (after cleaning properly) for my homemade clay mask and other items. Will use for my sewing notions going forward!

    Lisa Pratte on

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