Upgrade Your Sunscreen

Upgrade Your Sunscreen

The sun care industry is getting a major upgrade, and the old, bare-minimum sunscreen just will not cut it anymore. Over the past years, more formulas have been created, there are far more to choose from, and even more ways of application. So, what should you be looking for in your upgraded sunscreen? Let’s break it down. 

Mineral vs Chemical 

Chemical sunscreens contain chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate, that melt into the skin and absorb UV light. Chemical sunscreens are considered conventional and closer to a traditional formula but are often tied to the concern of certain chemical ingredients that could potentially be absorbed and enter the bloodstream.  

Mineral sunscreen is the safest alternative that evolved from the chemical absorption concern. Instead of being absorbed into the skin, mineral sunscreen sits atop the skin and deflects the sun rays. Out of all the ingredients used in chemical and mineral sunscreens there are only two that are classified as safe and effective by the FDA. The two ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are only used in mineral sunscreens. 

Added Ingredients 

In addition to UVA/UVB protection, look for nourishing hydrating ingredients because you can have it all! An ideal sunscreen is one that can prevent and repair sun damage. Look for ingredients that support skin regeneration like Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Green Tea, Vitamins C&E, and other plant derivatives. Our Scar Cream Sun Protectant SPF35 and

Sun Defense Mineral Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF30 contain those ingredients that not only protect but nourish! 



Application Styles 

There are now several methods in which sun protectants can be applied. Of course, there are the usual lotions or spray canisters. But now, they could also come in the form of oils and even powders. Our Sun Protectant Mineral Powder SPF30 formula includes antioxidants and Chamomile Flower Extracts that help soothe the skin for a flawless look over make up or natural skin. Powders are a convenient way to keep up reapplying throughout the day (recommended every two hours).  

And remember… 

Any sunscreen you use, mineral or chemical, should be “broad-spectrum” with an SPF of 30+.  


Would you choose a Mineral or Chemical sunscreen?