DERMA E  Wrinkle Prevention : Why it's Never Too Early To Start

Wrinkle Prevention: Why it’s Never Too Early to Start

There are some skin care products that you use to see immediate benefits, like a mask that gives you a glow after just 10 minutes or a miracle cream...

There are some skin care products that you use to see immediate benefits, like a mask that gives you a glow after just 10 minutes or a miracle cream that zaps blemishes at the first sign of a breakout. Then there are other skin care products with a long-term payoff, where the benefits accrue over time. We’re talking about treatments that specifically target fine lines and wrinkles. You may think you don’t need to prevent wrinkles until you actually start getting them, but you’d be missing out. Using anti-wrinkle cream when you’re young is an investment in the future of your skin. It’s never too early to start incorporating wrinkle treatments into your skin care routine.

The Benefits of Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

DERMA E Wrinkle Prevention

Products aimed at reducing the look of lines and wrinkles are great for your skin, no matter your age. That’s because they contain many ingredients that give your skin a healthy glow and support essential things such as collagen health. Because collagen is considered the building block for a radiant complexion, you want to encourage its production. A great ingredient that promotes healthy collagen is glycolic acid—plus you get exfoliating benefits, too. That’s important because glycolic acid can clear your complexion of the dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull and aged. It’s a great way to look revived and refreshed at any age.

Another great all-around skin care ingredient is Vitamin A. It’s popularly used in anti-wrinkle treatments in its retinol form, but Vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant that renews skin cells to keep your complexion looking its best. It’s no wonder Vitamin A is commonly known as the “skin vitamin!” Two other great antioxidants commonly found in anti-aging regimens, green tea and Vitamin C, are beneficial for people of all ages. That is because they help provide protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, and early sun protection is crucial to reducing the amount of environmental damage that can show up on your face in later years, in the form of lines, age spots, and loss of elasticity. It’s a way to help prevent wrinkles before they can show up on your skin.

Using anti-wrinkle treatments when you are young is like planting a garden. You don’t wait until the flowers appear to start watering and caring for them, but you start nurturing them while they are still in the ground, in seed form, so they bloom beautifully. Taking care of your skin from an early age will help your complexion look beautiful, too.

By now, you should be convinced it’s time to invest in some anti-wrinkle treatments. But where should you start? We have the perfect solution.

Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser


A cleanser is the foundation for a fantastic skin care regimen. Used twice a day, it preps the skin for products and washes away the impurities that can mar your complexion. That’s why an anti-wrinkle cleanser is an ideal way to introduce an anti-aging element into your skin care routine. You will reap the benefits from it every day.

DERMA E’s Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser is a terrific way to ensure your skin looks fresh and healthy on a daily basis. It does an amazing job of cleaning skin, naturally, but also at the same time it exfoliates to reveal a vibrancy to your complexion. That powerhouse cleansing and exfoliating combo works so well because this is a glycolic acid cleanser, which sweeps away the dead cells. The glycolic acid’s work is enhanced by Vitamin A to encourage renewal of skin cells, as well as marine plant extracts and papaya.

Like all DERMA E products, you can feel good about using the Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser regularly. Our formulations are 100% vegan and cruelty free and crafted with only the best natural vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. Plus, the cleanser is free of problematic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, lanolin, gluten, and GMOs. Simply massage a small amount of the cleanser onto your face and neck and then rinse to put your best face forward.

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Peptides Collectin

Once you have incorporated the cleanser into your daily routine and seen the great results, you may be ready to branch out and try other anti-aging products. DERMA E’s Anti-Wrinkle Collection runs the gamut, from moisturizer to serum to toner to face scrub and more. You may also want to try our Advanced Peptide and Collagen products, which give your skin a soft and supple feel while visibly smoothing out fine lines. Like our Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser, all of these products are aimed at nourishing your skin with the highest quality and most effective ingredients. Healthy-looking skin means beautiful-looking skin.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Help prevent wrinkles before they start forming by investing in some fabulous anti-aging products and you can maintain your youthful appearance for many years. Your complexion will thank you for it.