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A Natural Face-lift With A Spoon? How you can incorporate Gua Sha into a nightly skincare routine

Skin Care
What is Gua-Sha? Gua Sha is a technique that has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and basically involves scraping the skin. This helps encourage blood flow to the area bringing nutrients to the skin and promoting the removal of toxins. Additionally, you are exfoliating the skin by removing dead and dying skin cells and exposing younger, plumper healthier-looking skin. Traditionally, it is done with a piece of water buffalo horn but a tablespoon will work just fine. In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can see amazing results on your face. Watch this video and learn how to do Gua Sha for younger looking skin.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing the s amazing technique! I can’t wait to try it :) Can you please tell me what she put on the face before preforming the technique?

    Megan on

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