Skincare for Fall

Skincare for Fall

Happy Fall Everyone! This is my very favorite time of the year. The hot summer months are finally behind us, (no more air-conditioning!), and it’s finally time to unpack...

Happy Fall Everyone! fall trees streamThis is my very favorite time of the year. The hot summer months are finally behind us, (no more air-conditioning!), and it’s finally time to unpack those warm, fuzzy sweaters. Now that there is a bit of a bite in the air, it’s a good idea to reassess your skincare routine to ensure your skin stays soft, supple and hydrated as the temperature continues to drop. If the cold weather has already started to dry out your skin (how dare the weather do such things!), you are in luck, because there are many DERMA E® products that will quickly quench your skin’s thirst for moisture and nourishment. What would dry skin do without its best friend, hyaluronic acid?! Well, for one thing, it would be very dry and cracked indeed. Hyaluronic acid is known as Mother Nature’s Moisture Magnet because of its ability to attract and bind itself to water. Once water binds to hyaluronic acid, it creates a reservoir on the surface of the skin so it won’t dry out or become dehydrated. The DERMA E® Hydrating line is an entire collection of products made from a vegan form of hyaluronic acid. With nine products to choose from, the Hydrating line will keep your skin thoroughly moisturized, comforted and protected against the cold winds outside and the dry, heated air inside.

Two best sellers in this line are the Hydrating Night Crème and the Hydrating Eye Crème. The Hydrating Night Crème combines Hyaluronic Acid with luxurious Macadamia Oil, nourishing Vitamins A, C and E, soothing Aloe and Allantoin. This rich moisturizer deeply hydrates and replenishes lost moisture during the night so that when you awaken, your skin feels nourished, supple and smooth. Visible fine lines and signs of dehydration are virtually plumped away! The best-selling eye care product from DERMA E® is the Hydrating Eye Crème. Lightweight enough to use during the day underneath your makeup, this nutrient-rich eye creme contains Hyaluronic Acid combined with antioxidants Pycnogenol® and Green Tea, moisturizing Jojoba Oil and nourishing Vitamins A, C and E. During a 12-week consumer trial, this eye creme reduced visible wrinkle area by 26%, wrinkle depth by 15% and wrinkle volume by 30%. Wow! In addition, 96% of participants were satisfied with the improvements they saw in their overall eye area, and 93% would re-purchase the product. If you are looking for an eye creme that will significantly reduce the appearance of dry, creepy skin and puffiness around the eye area, you have met your new best friend! So when you are all bundled up with a warm blanket, hot cocoa, popcorn and a good movie, don’t forget to wrap up your skin in moisture too, with a little help from DERMA E®. Take care, and Happy Fall! Kate Tart

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