Dr. Fardin

Dr. Shala Fardin

Southern Marin Dermatology

Dr. Shala Rahbar Fardin is a board-certified dermatologist and a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. She graduated magna cum laude from Yale with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and received her medical degree from Harvard Medical School. She has an extensive background in both medical and cosmetic dermatology and understands the importance of treating the whole patient, not just the skin. With a focus on preventative dermatology, she encourages the data-driven use of natural products and botanicals in skin care. She has an avid interest in how nutrition affects skin and strives to help patients achieve a healthy, youthful and fresh appearance to their skin.


"One of the things I love about DERMA E is their eco-ethical approach. Not only are they trying to use the cleanest, best, natural products that deliver effective results for your skin, but they’re also trying to make sure that we respect our environment. The DERMA E product line is really extensive, so I love the range of products that can treat everything from acne to scars to even hair. It’s such a lovely product line that’s affordable. It’s accessible to everyone, and it’s got really great natural, botanical ingredients that you can feel good about using. As a physician and as a mom, I love that the DERMA E line can provide less toxic treatments that deliver effective skin results."

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