3 Must-Haves for Fun-Focused Camping

3 Must-Haves for Fun-Focused Camping

We love nature, but how do we ensure that nature loves us back? Protect and revive your skin with these 4 nature-friendly camping must-haves.

suncaregroup1. Sunscreen, the never-leave-behind must-have

Always bring sun protection with you, especially when camping and hiking in the elements. A sunburn can really put a damper on your fun as well as cause skin damage and premature aging. Pack SPF and remember to reapply every 2 hours. Protect against UVA/UVB rays and enjoy anti-aging antioxidant defense with our non-nano Antioxidant Natural Sunscreens that are safe for you and the environment.

TeaTree and E Antiseptic Creme2. Itch relief

There are many things in the wilderness that cause you to itch: overly dry climates, rashes, cuts and scrapes, insect bites and of course poison ivy and poison oak. Sooth your suffering and stop itching so you can continue on your journey with our Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Crème.

HAFacialWipes4. A quick way to freshen up

Camping can get pretty grimy, not to mention your skin can get dry and dehydrated from the sun and wind. For happy skin during your outdoor adventure, keep as hydrated and clean as possible Lift away oil and dirt while thoroughly hydrating, softening and smoothing with our 100% biodegradable Hydrating Facial Wipes.