Best face forward for back-to-school

Best face forward for back-to-school

You had your fun-in-the-sun, but now it’s time for back-to-school. Here are our 5 tips for the perfect Fall semester skin care survival kit, so you can look your best naturally.


HA_Mist1. Stay hydrated, inside and out

As with your general well-being, staying hydrated is vital for healthy glowing skin. Drinking enough water (8 glasses a day on average) allows skin to release toxins through sweat, which helps to release dirt and impurities from your pores. Appropriate hydration also helps to keep skin looking supple and smooth. A great way to add extra hydration and a refreshing glow is with DERMA•E’s Hydrating Mist.

Acne_Spot 2. Clean your sheets weekly

Turns out your parents are sometimes right. You need to wash your sheets regularly. If not, skin debris, oil and bacteria can accumulate on sheets and pillowcases, over time this may lead to some serious breakouts. A great way to get rid of breakouts fast is with DERMA•E’s Very Clear® Acne Spot Treatment.

FacialWipes3. Always wash your face before bed

There will always be those all-nighters, whether it’s a study session or a party. No matter what, always remember to wash your face and remove makeup before you go to sleep. Bedtime is when your skin rejuvenates and replenishes, making sure you look fresh-faced in the AM. A great way to quickly and easily keep your skin clean, clear and refreshed is with DERMA•E’s pre-moistened, ultra-soft Hydrating Facial Wipes. Any time you need a fresh face, these are great to carry around in your backpack or purse.

Microderm4. Exfoliate for clear, soft skin

As your summer tan wears off, so do your skin cells. To prevent your skin from looking dull (and to give your skin some extra TLC) exfoliate once or twice a week. Scrubs are the best way to go when you’re trying to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing. One of our favorites is DERMA•E’s Microdermabrasion Scrub (can also double as a body scrub) that buffs skin for a fresh and healthy radiance. Choose a scrub that suits your skin type, whether you have acne prone skin, or need some extra hydration.

MakeupRemover5. Clean your makeup brushes weekly

Makeup brushes collect dirt, bacteria and oil that can cause your skin to break out, so remember to clean your brushes weekly. An easy way to clean brushes is with a liquid makeup remover, shampoo or hand soap and warm water. Remember to use something that is lightweight and gentle. Safely remove all kinds of makeup (even waterproof and longwear makeups) with DERMA•E’s fragrance-free, gentle and oil-free Makeup Remover.