Happy Earth Day: How Does DERMA E Give Back to Our Planet?

Happy Earth Day: How Does DERMA E Give Back to Our Planet?

Happy Earth Day! People around the world continue to celebrate our earth to raise awareness for environmental movements and to inform others on how to care for and protect our beautiful planet. Since 1984, our passions here at DERMA E have been health, wellness, and environmental sustainability. It’s our responsibility to help preserve our planet in everything we do. In honor of celebrating our Earth on April 22, here are the ways that DERMA E gives back to the planet every day:



We continue to focus on lessening our impact on the environment and improving our conservation efforts. We believe we should all do our part to make a positive difference in the sustainability of our world! Not only do we care about what we put on and in our bodies, but also about what eventually ends up in our waters and ecosystems. For example, we are proud to say we formulate our Natural Mineral Sunscreens with ingredients identified as safe for the coral reef ecosystems and you!



For over ten years, DERMA E has been manufacturing wind power and reducing our environmental footprint by offsetting 100% of the conventional electricity we use with the help of wind energy certificates!  This supports us in our continuing efforts to completely offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and greenhouse gases.



Although wet wipes are an inexpensive and convenient product, most contain non-biodegradable plastic, wreaking havoc on sewer systems and water ways when not disposed of properly. Used for removing makeup, applying insect repellent, cleaning surfaces, and more, this common household item makes up a shocking 93% of the material blocking the sewage pipes in the U.K

At DERMA E, We are very passionate about sustainable lifestyles. Our facial wipes are 100% biodegradable. Additionally, ALL of our packaging components are recyclable, with the exception of our foil packs.

No unnecessary foil, no shiny silver caps, no fancy frills or added decoration that just build up landfills and take decades to decompose. We use only safe and renewable resources to promote a healthier ecological future.


There are a growing number of concerns surrounding chemical sunscreens washing off into the ocean, potentially causing harm to our coral reef ecosystems.

Hawaii has taken an extremely forward-thinking step by being the first state to implement a bill that would ban such ingredients. “Amazingly, this is a first-in-the-world law,” Senator Mike Gabbard, who introduced the bill, told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. "When you think about it, our island paradise, surrounded by coral reefs, is the perfect place to set the gold standard for the world to follow. This will make a huge difference in protecting our coral reefs, marine life, and human health.” 

We use nano-particle-free, chemical-free broad spectrum Zinc Oxide, tested and proven to be a superior natural sunscreen ingredient and is reef safe, helping to protect your skin and save these precious ecosystems for future generations.



As a company, we believe in our collective power to make positive changes in our world, and we yearn to make a difference. That’s why each and every DERMA E purchase helps to support global communities and the environment. We proudly support the Heal the Bay, Keep America Beautiful, Vitamin Angels, and Special Olympics: Ventura County.