Practicing Self Care During Quarantine 

Practicing Self Care During Quarantine 

With so much uncertainty and many changes in our day to day lives with our new normal, it’s easy to allow stress, panic and doubt to take over. While...

With so much uncertainty and many changes in our day to day lives with our new normal, it’s easy to allow stress, panic and doubt to take over. While the world around us seems to be changing constantly, it’s important to not only not allow stress or fear to get the best of us by trying to remain optimistic, but also to remember that we must take care of ourselves in order to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Here are 5 ways to maintain a self-care routine during quarantine!  

 1.Maintain a vegan skin care routine   


  Unfortunately, stress can trigger acne breakouts, eczema and psoriasis flare ups and lead to many more skin issues and complications which can cause more stress. Here at DERMA E, we know the importance of maintaining a clean skin care routine and have a wide array of skin care collections including TherapeuticHydratingAnti AcneAnti WrinklePurifying, CBD and many more to help you maintain normalcy in your daily routine. By utilizing vegan products, you are not only helping and caring for your skin, but also the environment. Our CBD line enriched with non-psychoactive CBD, and anti-inflammatory Pycnogenol works well at keeping sensitive skin calm, and soothing uncomfortable skin.  

  2.Use Adaptogens for stress  


Another important part of self-care is maintaining your stress-levels. Self-care is key to fighting depression and maintaining a level head. Adaptogens work to relieve stress, energize, and assist with immunity and depression. Our Mood Rituals line blends purified Spring water and skin-nourishing plant extracts with therapeutic essential oils to enhance your mood as it hydrates and enriches your skin. Mists contain a unique fusion of essential oils Chamomile, Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint, and more, along with mood-enhancing adaptogens such as Amla & Gotu Kola, Cordyceps & Cardamom, and Eleuthero & Arctic Root.  Blended to calm your senses, evoke creativity, or promote focused thoughts and clarity. These fine continuous mists soften your face and body while enhancing your mood. Another great way to utilize adaptogens is through consumption. Many mushrooms, Maca, Licorice and Ginger are all powerful adaptogens that can be found in teas or through a pill format that can be consumed for their mood-boosting benefits.   


3.De-clutter your space   

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re stuck in a cluttered house all day, every day. De-cluttering can help relieve stress and clear your mind allowing for effective self-care. Do a deep cleanse, donate clothing and items that you no longer use, get rid of items that are no longer of use to you, and upcycle products that you can refurbish. Once your house is decluttered be sure to surround yourself with only the things that bring joy. Many plants not only can clean the air but also are esthetically pleasing and can help brighten your mood. If you have plants or can purchase them, be sure to add them to your living space.   


4.Maintain a normal routine  

While some days lying in bed all day is the only thing we want to do, maintaining a sense of normalcy during such an uncertain time is a great way to practice self-care. Waking up in the morning, taking a shower, cleaning your face with your favorite DERMA E facial cleanser and getting dressed for the day can help put our minds into productive mode and help us stay on task. While it’s probably not necessary to get dressed in a three-piece suit, changing out of your pjs can help you be more productive. Another great tip is to do work outside of the bed. Lying in bed working from your laptop is great way to end up taking one too many mid-day naps. Move your workstation to a brightly lit area, ideally where you can work from a table or desk.   

 5.Avoid snacking on unhealthy foods

Being stuck in the house all day with nowhere to go, no one to see, and a house full of snacks is an easy way to put on what a lot of people have affectionately dubbed the “Quarantine 15. While a tempting snack here and there is no harm, mindless snacking on the wrong foods can lead to unhealthy weight gain and a slew of health issues. Practice self-care by eating plant-based foods that make you feel good.  Try to stock up on foods that your mind and body will thank you for that also make great snacks like dates, grapes, berries, celery sticks, seaweed chips and all of the healthy foods that you enjoy eating.  


How are you practicing self-care?