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Shop locally this holiday season


The holiday season is upon us and the shopping mayhem has begun! Many of us are busy looking for the best deals and for ways to give back. Wouldn’t it be easier to do both at the same time? You can find all sorts of deals to satisfy everyone on your list, while giving back to your community by shopping locally. We often think of the “mom and pop” stores when shopping locally comes to mind. However, did you know that chain stores are considered local as well? When buying goods from a local store you are doing your part in putting money back into your community. It is a great way to support small business, generate new jobs and reduce environmental impact.

Buying locally is a smart way to get more bang for your buck! Knowing where your products and produce come from gives you the luxury of enjoying its full shelf life. Many do not know that during the transportation of perishable goods, the products shelf life clock is already ticking. Feel good about your purchases and knowing that your money has been well spent.

Shopping locally is not only good during the holiday season, it is important year round. DERMA E challenges you to buy local and support small businesses this holiday season. We wish you a healthy, safe, and fun holiday season.

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  • Would love to win

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  • Would love to win

    Beverly Lowry on
  • I really really hope i win this i could use this for my wreath business!

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