Vegan Beauty Products: Good for Your Face and for the Planet

Vegan Beauty Products: Good for Your Face and for the Planet

You are conscious of what you eat and put on your body, so vegan beauty products are a naturally good fit for your healthy lifestyle. You know DERMA E...

You are conscious of what you eat and put on your body, so vegan beauty products are a naturally good fit for your healthy lifestyle. You know DERMA E specializes in 100% vegan, cruelty-free skin care, but did you know that the care we take in creating eco-ethical products isn’t limited to what’s inside our jars and bottles, but extends to the packaging itself?

Vegan Beauty Product Ingredients

We take pride in using only the highest-quality ingredients in our vegan beauty products. We don’t use harmful substances such as parabens, petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfates, mineral oil or artificial colors, and we ensure our formulas are free of soy, gluten and GMOs. By using exceptional vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients, we strive to ensure you get a healthy-looking complexion.

We also strive to create a healthier planet through our products. Of course, we do that through the skin care we create, and we are proud of our formulations that emphasize natural ingredients. For instance, our sunscreens feature minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, not the dangerous chemicals that have been found to damage coral reefs. We source the finest vitamins, botanicals and other ingredients, all of which we clearly state on our product labels. (To learn more about our skin care, visit our Ingredients Glossary.) Also, in products that contain fragrance, we use only natural ones, not chemical versions that can contaminate our water supply and the air we breathe. We only use necessary preservatives that have passed stringent standards for safety, and we use them in small percentages in our formulations so that they are not irritating to the skin. And, we never use animal byproducts or test on animals.

Our Vegan Beauty Product Packaging

Our packaging also reflects these same environmentally friendly standards. Many cosmetic and skin care products come packaged in plastic bottles, jars, tubes or compacts that value style over substance. They may look shiny and flashy, but once you get past the glitz and it’s time to throw the empty container away, you’re left with packaging that just sits in a landfill for years and years, causing long-lasting ecological damage to our planet. It’s, in a word, wasteful. At DERMA E, however, we take our passion for sustainability and invest in making packaging where the components are recyclable. The only exceptions to that are our facial wipes and foil packs, and those are completely biodegradable. With these efforts, we want to model responsible stewardship of our planet’s resources.

When it comes to crafting our products and their packaging, we also keep sustainability at the forefront. For more than 10 years, our manufacturing facility has used wind-generated power. By offsetting all of our conventional energy use with purchases of wind energy certificates, we reduce our environmental footprint while at the same time helping to offset carbon dioxide emissions. Plus, by supporting a U.S.-based producer of wind power, we play our part in creating a strong marketplace for renewable energy, which also benefits the environment while supporting the American economy.

We want to make a positive difference as a company, not just by giving you healthier-looking skin and a healthier world, but also by supporting those organizations that exist to help others and do good in their communities, whether local or global in scale. DERMA E has supported a wide variety of initiatives, including Keep America Beautiful, World Wildlife Fund, Vitamin Angels, Heal the Bay, Project Paraguay and the Special Olympics: Ventura County.

When you use DERMA E vegan beauty products, you, too, are playing an active role in preserving our planet’s precious resources. Avoiding skin care products packaged in cheap, disposable bottles that use harmful chemical ingredients is good for everyone. Our company’s roots are in a Southern California health food store, and our ethos and mission haven’t changed over the years. We are committed to our responsibility—to our customers and to our earth—to offer only the best products. These are what we call our “reasons to believe,” and once you try DERMA E skin care, you will become a believer, too.