Vitamin C

Vitamin C Skin Care: What Makes It So Effective?

Vitamin C is a skin care superhero—and it has some amazing super powers. That’s not surprising, because just as Vitamin C is a key nutrient for good health, it...

Vitamin C is a skin care superhero—and it has some amazing super powers. That’s not surprising, because just as Vitamin C is a key nutrient for good health, it is also vital for glowing, healthy-looking skin. If you don’t know all the reasons why Vitamin C is effective at promoting a radiant complexion, it’s time for you to learn more.




Vitamin C is a necessity for anyone who wants a strong and effective skin care regimen, as well as people who want to take preventive steps against issues such as wrinkles, dryness, and loss of firmness.

One of the main reasons why Vitamin C is important for skin is that it may support collagen production. Collagen is crucial for vibrant, youthful-looking skin. It is a protein that keeps your skin feeling firm, smooth and supple. As we age, collagen production decreases, which is where Vitamin C for the skin comes in, as it is known to help boost collagen and fight the signs of aging.

Vitamin C is also powerful because it is an antioxidant. That means it can help protect the skin from the damage that can be caused when it is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays or environmental pollutants. That damage can take the form of fine lines, uneven tone, or a rough texture to the skin. Vitamin C may also be beneficial when it comes to retaining moisture in the skin, which is another anti-aging bonus—when skin is well-hydrated, it is plumper and firmer, and therefore less likely to show wrinkles or flakiness. The potency of Vitamin C for skin cannot be denied—it has the ability to transform the appearance of your complexion so it looks brighter, fresher and renewed.

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Vitamin C goes by many different names in skin care products. They include L-ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, retinyl ascorbate and sodium ascorbyl phosphate. At DERMA E, we use two types of Vitamin C in our Vitamin C collection: 

  • Sodium ascorbyl phosphate, or Stay-C® 50 - is extremely stable, which provides for maximum skin absorption. That’s important because Vitamin C can easily degrade or oxidize, which can lower its effectiveness.
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate  -We also use ascorbyl palmitate, which is also known as C-Ester, because of its ability to deliver higher levels of Vitamin C to skin cells.

When you are looking to purchase Vitamin C skin care products, make sure the Vitamin C is near the top of the ingredient list, which ensures it is at an effective concentration—that way, you will be able to reap its many benefits.

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It is also important to look at the list of supporting ingredients in a product. We recognize that Vitamin C for the skin is incredibly powerful, but its strength is even more robust when combined with other key ingredients. That’s why DERMA E products match up Vitamin C with high-quality hyaluronic acid, green tea, aloe vera, and other nourishing vitamins, minerals and botanicals.

One of the best ingredients to pair with Vitamin C is Vitamin E. Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can boost skin health. Vitamin E is also a terrific skin hydrator, which lavishes long-lasting moisture on your complexion. Vitamin C and E skin care products can be a staple of a regimen perfect for all skin types.




One of the wonderful things about today’s advances in skin care is that Vitamin C can be incorporated into a wide array of products—you can pick and choose which ones you want to use, or rely on an entire lineup of Vitamin C-based skin care products.

Cleansers can revitalize skin morning and night and can be followed by a serum that serves as both a base for your daily sunscreen and makeup products, or as the first layer of your nighttime maintenance routine. Our Vitamin C Concentrated Serum is a wonderful must-have for daily skin rejuvenation. For a double dose of mighty Vitamin C, pair the serum with our Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer in the morning and Vitamin C Intense Night Cream in the evening. With consistent use, you will notice a more luminescent quality in your skin. And although Vitamin C can help guard your skin against sun damage, sunscreen is still a must. DERMA E combines both Vitamin C and Zinc Oxide in our super-protective Sun Defense Mineral Oil-Free Face Sunscreen, which is great for everyday use. 

Vitamin C is also a featured player in many specialty skin care products that aren’t used on a daily basis but instead enhance your skin through weekly or other periodic applications. Try the Vitamin C Brightening Clay Mask when you want an extra boost of radiance to the appearance of your skin.

DERMA E's Vitamin C Glow Face Oil is a powerful beauty elixir that is essential for any skincare routine. This nourishing oil helps to boost collagen production and smooth out wrinkles, revealing brighter skin with fewer signs of aging. It contains natural oils that provide instant hydration to the skin and help reduce redness and irritation. The light citrus scent gives off a refreshing vibe and its non-sticky formula absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving behind an oily residue. Get your glow on with DERMA E's Vitamin C Glow Face Oil!

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Whichever Vitamin C skin care products you buy, make sure to keep them tightly closed when not in use; Vitamin C can quickly degrade if it is exposed to light and air. Also, people with sensitive skin may want to spot test a product in an area other than the face, as Vitamin C can be irritating for some people. That is another reason why DERMA E has chosen these two forms of Vitamin C for our products—they have been found to be gentler on the skin, while not losing their effectiveness.

If you are dealing with the lines, rough patches, and dry skin that can come with aging skin, never fear—Vitamin C is your complexion’s superhero, ready to save the day!