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What is the best natural Microdermabrasion Scrub sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Natural Retailers?

We're always proud to share what everyone things of our most iconic scrub. In this episode, I Sort Of Beauty  tells us about her first experience using the derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The glass jar contains a generous amount of product, which will hopefully last for a good amount of time because you really just need a dime-sized amount for each use. The crystal blend is very fine, so it feels like I’m rubbing wet sand all over my face. After a one minute rub-down, my skin looks brighter. What I love most about this product is how fine the crystals are. It really sloughs off dead skin and my leaves my face looks glowing and dewy. The crystals also absorb the excess oils on my face, but did not dry out or tighten my skin – a definite plus! The horror stories I mentioned earlier are people who suffered from redness and irritation after getting a microdermabrasion facial. So if you’re worried about that, and are willing to try out a scrub for the first time to help buff away dull skin surface cells, and diminish acne scars, I’d definitely check this one out. Available onDerma E for $32.50, or your can purchase it on Ulta (where the reviews are overwhelmingly positive) for $23.99. 0690 Isort of Beauty  

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