Did you know...as we age, the Hyaluronic Acid available in the body and the skin decreases: synthesis of HA declines with time and the nature of the HA in the body changes.  One study reports that the concentration of HA in the skin remains the same as we age, but the HA becomes more attached to tissue and less able to function properly.  The authors speculated that these changes in the nature of Hyaluronic Acid may underlie the visible signs of aging (Meyer and Stern, 1994).  Regardless of exactly how it happens, the concentration of Hyaluronic Acid available to hydrate collagen and maintain the structure of the skin decreases.  Replenishing the HA in the body should help keep collagen hydrated and healthy, maintaining skin structure and tone, and help promote joint health. We asked our fans why they want to use Hydrating Night Cream, here are some of the responses:
I'd love to win the Hydrating Night Creme because I love the derma e products! Being cruelty-free is important and the products from this company are effective and make me feel pampered! - Carolyn M The hydrating night cream because to this day I have yet to find a night cream 5 hat is not only hydrating but is not chemical laden. - Denyse M. derma e Hydrating night creme because these cold Minnesota winters are tough on my skin! I need hydration!!! - Sarah C The Hydrating Night Cream because I am 45 and the wrinkles and loss of moisture have begun!! - Kellie R. Hydrating cream is a must for me!! My skin is rough and cracked!! Help I need dermae - Lori P Hydrating night cream because this winter and dryness is reeking havoc on my skin. - Martha M [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvXo9Z1e950[/embed]