What It Means to be Sulfate-Free...

What It Means to be Sulfate-Free...

You go and pay those big bucks to color and get that smoothing treatment for those locks, and BAM your shampoo and conditioner strip the color and that expensive...
You go and pay those big bucks to color and get that smoothing treatment for those locks, and BAM your shampoo and conditioner strip the color and that expensive treatment from your hair. Using one of our two new sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner you’ll never have to worry about those mistakes again.
Sulfate-free is the best way to keep that Brazilian blowout or Keratin treatment doing its magic for many months to come. Using sulfate-free products also keeps your color vibrant and keeps the frizz down on those luscious locks.
Our new line of hair care is all sulfate-free, silicone-free and safe for color treated hair. These new lines add Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner as well as a Restoring Shampoo & Conditioner. The two new lines are in addition to our Scalp Relief Shampoo & Conditioner, for those of you who need a little bit more specialized hair products.
Our new Nourishing Shampoo uses Argan Oil and Apricot Seed Oil to deliver a concentrated boost of intense antioxidant-rich moisture to nourish, hydrate, and add shine while promoting smooth, silky hair. It locks in essential moisture to tame frizz, while stimulating your hair follicles and balancing oil to revive your hair from root to tip. The Nourishing Conditioner containing the oils  listed above as well as ProVitamin B5 and Quinoa Protein provide essential nutrients to help moisturize and condition, promoting healthy and rejuvenated hair.
The new Restoring Shampoo includes purifying Lemongrass Oil helps to stimulate healthy hair follicles and balance oil without stripping your hair. Vitamin E and Amino Acids provide essential nutrients to help boost volume and add luster for extraordinarily gorgeous, healthy-looking hair. The Restoring Conditioner has the same oils as the shampoo but adds Quinoa Protein and ProVitamin B5 provide essential nutrients to help boost volume, add luster and reverse dullness for supremely healthy, silky smooth hair. 
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  • Dear Derma-e,
    I just want to say Thank You!!! For your produced there are great!
    Also if you make a mistake Derma-e will go out of there way to help you.?

    Christine Robbins on
  • I received your hair care samples. I loved the way it made my hair feel so clean and shiney, also has a nice smell. I think it will help to thicken my hair and not be so fly away. Thanks so much amd will continue to try some other products.

    Trudye Smith on
  • Been a fan of Derma-E since the first Vitamin E cream was sold in GNC stores. Your products are pure, effective & affordable. It’s one of my recommended brands on my anti-aging blog. Thank you!

    skincarewarrior.blog on
  • Interesting blog features. I have just received a sample of your products and I am virtually craving more. I especially enjoy reading your featured section as I discover more valuable information that I am able to apply to the rest of my beauty regimen.

    Mehogani on
  • I am new to the Derma-e product for anti-aging facial care and I could feel the difference after my first use. I can see the difference in the eye care and skin brightened. I am very pleased and will continue to try more products.

    Pastor Karen on

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