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Scar Gel Hacks!


We know the typical ways of applying Scar Gel, to diminish the appearance of scars….But we would like to share some other hacks ways give you silky, glowing, and soft skin while only using one product.


1. A naturally addictive pedicure in a jar

Get ready for a naturally amazing treat for your feet.

  1. Buff those tired working feet in the shower with a pumice stone.
  2. Once out of the shower, dry feet and apply the Scar Gel.
  3. Slip on your favorite fuzzy socks, put your feet up and have a relaxing night. Wear the socks over night to wake up to smooth and silky feet.
  4. After a few days/nights in a row, boom, you will have silky soft feet.

2. The callus-no-more hero

Rough knees, heels, hands, elbows, you name it, Scar Gel is great for softening up any rough or callused areas on your body. Just rub-in and enjoy as rough skin becomes soft.


3. Your go-to burn helper

Sunburns, curling iron accidents, or just a simple clumsy kitchen mistakes, we all have them. And they hurt! But they don’t have to leave a nasty scar behind as evidence. Apply after an incident to encourage healthy skin texture & color.


4. Acne scars be gone

Nobody likes reminders of our bad days, with bumpy, red, and rough skin. Apply Scar Gel like a serum on clean skin before your daily and nightly moisturizers and see your red marks soften. It’s the perfect one-two punch to fight those acne scars-use the DERMA E Microdermabrasion Scrub 1-2 times a week followed by Scar Gel daily.


5. The mommy-must-have scrape aid

Your little explorers are always getting bumps, cuts, scrapes, that’s just what they do. Scar Gel is a great on-hand aid for faster soothing so your loved littles can get back to life’s many adventures.


6. Your post-wax burn & irritation relief

Ok, so let’s get real for a second; eyebrows, lip, face, bikini line, waxing mishaps or sensitivity all seem to happen to the best of us. This is a must-have go-to for calming & cooling sensitive & tender skin while helping to prevent scaring in those delicate areas.


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  • I love this stuff! Not only did it help get rid of my acne scars, but it helps me to not get breakouts as well! I used to have bad acne on my chin, but just putting this on every night, I haven’t had a pimple for at least a year! It has a really nice refreshing feeling as well. Thanks for making such great products!

    Kirsten on
  • Would love to try your product!! ,2 weeks out of surgery, 11 incisions. Thanks!!?

    Tina Denney on
  • Please tell me more. What are the ingredients. Do you put this on before you do the Gus Sha?
    Thank you
    God bless

    Berta on
  • I was burned in2001. May I try a sample?

    Jean Rohmer on

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