Scar Gel Hacks!

Scar Gel Hacks!

  At first glance, it seems pretty obvious that you use a scar gel to...diminish the appearance of scars, of course. And while DERMA E’s Scar Gel is great...

Scar Gel


At first glance, it seems pretty obvious that you use a scar gel to...diminish the appearance of scars, of course. And while DERMA E’s Scar Gel is great at doing that, it’s also pretty terrific at a lot of other skin care stuff, too. That one jar actually holds the key silky-soft skin—if you know the right tricks.

The Benefits of Using a Scar Gel

If you don’t know much about scar gel, you should understand why it’s a must-have skin care product. Scars can be lumpy and bumpy strips of discolored skin that may be unsightly or even embarrassing, depending on where they are located. They can feel itchy, tender to the touch or, in some cases, even painful. Living with scars can be difficult if they don’t feel good—or if you don’t feel good about them.

That’s why using a scar gel can be so beneficial. The gel is quick-drying and clear, so it is easy to apply. When a scar gel is effective, it can smooth away the lumpiness to even out the texture of the skin. It can also improve the color, fading any redness so the scar more easily blends into the rest of your skin’s tone. Plus, a scar gel can also help calm any discomfort or itchiness stemming from the scar.

So it’s pretty clear that scar gel works wonders for scars. Now, we’re going to share some simple hacks on other ways to use DERMA E’s Scar Gel for smooth and glowing skin.  

6 Simple Scar Gel Hacks You Need to Know


With summer on the way, your feet need to look fantastic. That’s easy to accomplish with this amazing treat for your feet. First, you’ve got to prep them, especially if you have dry, rough heels or minor calluses. One of the easiest ways to do that is to buff your feet with a pumice stone while you are in the shower. (Another tip: Do this at the end of a long work day when it will feel really fabulous on tired feet.) Once you are out of the shower, dry your feet and apply the scar gel. Have a pair of thick warm socks nearby, because you’ll want to slip them on as soon as the scar gel dries. This will help seal in moisture—and you can just kick up your feet and relax for the rest of the night. Wear the socks while you sleep, and wake up to a noticeable difference in the look and feel of those rough heels and calluses. Follow this method consistently for a few days for truly soft feet.  


And speaking of calluses, scar gel works wonders on them no matter where they are located on your body. Rough knees, hands, elbows—you name it, and scar gel is great at softening them. Just rub in the gel and enjoy as rough skin becomes soft.


Sunburns, curling iron accidents, or just a simple clumsy kitchen mistakes—we all have had them at one time or another. And we all know how much it hurts when that super-hot object makes contact with your skin! But these burns don’t have to leave a nasty scar behind as evidence. If your burn is minor (if skin blisters or starts oozing, that can be a bigger deal and you should see a doctor first), then put cold water or a cold compress on it first before applying the scar gel to help reduce redness, increase hydration and encourage healthy skin. And if you have a scar from a previous burn, you should be using scar gel for that, too.  


Nobody likes reminders of our bad skin days, with bumpy, red and rough marks. Apply DERMA E’s Scar Gel like a serum on clean skin before you moisturize and see your red marks soften. For the perfect one-two punch to fight those acne scars, use DERMA E’s Microdermabrasion Scrub one to two times a week along with daily application of the Scar Gel.


Your little explorers are always getting bumps, cuts and scrapes because that’s just what kids do. Scar Gel is a great all-purpose product to help soothe your children’s skin faster so they can get back to life’s many adventures.


Let’s get real for a second: Brow, lip, face or bikini line waxing mishaps or sensitivity can happen to the best of us. Scar Gel is a go-to for calming and cooling sensitive, tender skin while helping to prevent scarring in those delicate areas.

Why You Need DERMA E Scar Gel

Scar GelNow that you know the magic of scar gel products, you probably want to rush out and buy a jar (or two!). But just remember that not every scar gel is created equal. The 100% vegan and cruelty-free DERMA E Scar Gel has proven clean beauty science behind it, so it’s super effective while also extremely nourishing. It has high-quality natural ingredients such as Panthenol and Allantoin that help smooth skin—and it doesn’t have problematic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, artificial colors, GMOs, gluten or soy. So use Scar Gel for scars—or anywhere else you want beautifully soft skin!