Morning and Afternoon Winter Skin Care After 30

Morning and Afternoon Winter Skin Care After 30

full translation: I’d like to introduce you to the winter skin regimen I use for about 2/3 months. I took the time to find and make sure I have...
full translation: I’d like to introduce you to the winter skin regimen I use for about 2/3 months. I took the time to find and make sure I have the right products and most effective products to use for winter climate in Norway. After making the mistake of using Organica that really dried my face, I will not repeat the same mistake again. wikky300 (at this point she is just talking about her internet connection and that she will record additional video at a later time and combine them together at a later time, if file size permits) This is derma e®, the brand I’d like to introduce you to. This is just half of products I use, so I will record another video to show you the other products I use. I chose various products from different lines, but all from the same brand, derma e®.

My first experience was using a mask for face, that I recommended to you last time. It was in a red packaging that includes ingredients like retinol, mud and lanolin (Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Scrub) from iherb. When using it in the shower, I felt that it had a positive effect on my skin. Overall I am very very very satisfied with this brand’s product. They are also not so expensive, very generous prices. Like this crème at 56 g you can get for $18, some for $36 and so on.

Take a look at derma e®, they come in various packaging colors depending on what line, blue is hyaluronic, orange is with vitamin c, red is with retinol. Also, I would like to mention that iherb site sells these products and also gives you savings as well as makes it convenient to deliver to Russia. You can also get educated and learn more on the product and each line on their site. 

How did I choose the product? When choosing each collection I had criteria for my selection: My priority for taking care of my skin during winter includes: hydration, maintenance of lipids and skin barrier function, the effect of botox, and to improve skin pigmentation.The only thing I didn’t pick was cleanser, because at this time I use Bobbi Brown oil for face washing in winter. I also use oil that I get from Japan, to prevent skin from drying.

After washing face, I apply toner. The toner I use is from Firming DMAE and Firming DMAE crème, with Alpha Lipoic Acid and C-Ester, I chose various toners from derma e®, one with hyaluronic acid, another with vitamin c, against oily skin and acne issues. After two months I only have this little left, this is how much I love it. Also they have cleanser, but I didn’t want to use everything from one line. A little bit of this and something else, works the best on me. So what’s in this toner? DMAE if you look online it is the ‘top’ catalyst ingredient in this product that tightens and firms droopy, loose skin, second element is called Alpha Lipoic Acid, a strong antioxidant that protects skin from free-radicals and aggressive effects of the environment.

What is C-Ester? It is the Vitamin C in a lipid-soluble form, enables to deliver high levels of Vitamin C into the skin. Make sure that Vitamin C in crèmes is not just Vitamin C, but ingredient that exhibit greater antioxidant activity like C-Ester, with lipid-soluble form to easily absorb into the skin. The fat on the skin connects much better with Alpha Lipoic Acid fat. Everything else does not absorb into the skin. Incredible stuff in this amazing tonic. Then explanation on the front and back product label, name, ingredients overview. Active ingredients, DMAE. Says that it removes remaining traces of makeup and freshens skin.

So 30+, the question is: Is it early to use this?  Pay attention to your skin. If you are 27 and smoke, your skin just doesn’t look right. Maybe its time to use it now. If your skin is okay, maybe you should wait until you see first signs of aging. Firming DMAE Crème, DMAE pro-collagen ingredient. For month and a half, this is how much I have left of it. It smells like oil/fatty aroma, with vitamin c ascorbic acid smell. The color is slightly gray, absorbs just like your second skin. Blends in perfectly. It doesn't clog pores, very smooth application, doesn't clump.

After weeks, I noticed that even my skin-color normalized, but I wouldn't say its just creme. It’s the whole line used together.

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