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The Evenly Radiant Day Creme with SPF 15 is a 9/10

March 16, 2015 | John Yoon

The Evenly Radiant Day Creme with SPF 15 is a 9/10

Recently, derma e® Natural Skincare dropped a bunch of Evenly Radiant Day Cremes with SPF 15 into the hands of Birchbox subscribers. The reviews are starting to come in, here was one in particular we thought was a great post... 0333review from IG   for more thoughts on this product from the Birchbox community, visit here 
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  • This is one of my favorite cremes with SPF. I take it backpacking with me and have really liked how it doesn’t feel like sunscreen.

    CJ Webb on
  • I cannot stand this creme. It floats on my skin. This was a waste of money. I’ve tried just using on back of hands but it still doesn’t absorb or blend in.

    Jeanine Donaghy on

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DERMA E didn’t start out in the beauty aisle or the boardroom. Instead, we began in a small health food store in Southern California. Our first product was a jar of Vitamin E 12,000 I.U. Moisturizing Cream. People were amazed at the results it had on their skin and word caught on.

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